John Cox

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SUMMARY Stream processing applications are used to ingest, process, and analyze continuous data streams from heterogeneous sources of live and stored data, generating streams of output results. These applications are, in many cases, complex, large-scale, low-latency, and distributed in nature. In this paper, we describe the design principles and(More)
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This paper provides an overview of the types of statistical data available for e-book usage and includes examples from specific vendors, along with coverage of standards such as COUNTER. It describes ways in which usage data can be employed for purposes such as monitoring of e-book uptake and collection development. Limitations with regard to vendor usage(More)
This paper investigates whether self-regulation in financial markets leads to greater industry bias and expertise in enforcement. Using hand-collected data on securities arbitration disputes from the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), I document that pro-industry arbitrators are selected more often to arbitration panels than pro-investor(More)
This paper presents a new error bound simplification algorithm for complex geometric models. A lower polygon count approximation of the input model is generated by performing edge collapse operations. The collapse vertex is constrained to lie within a localised tolerance volume built around the edge collapse neighbourhood. This constraint ensures that all(More)