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BACKGROUND Scratch-resistant (SR) and anti-reflective (AR) coatings are commonly applied to plastic ophthalmic lenses. Fracture resistance is greatly affected by surface characteristics, and coatings may have a weakening effect. Static load testing is an efficient, quantifiable alternative to the drop ball test and has been suggested as useful for comparing(More)
PURPOSE The current study prospectively evaluates the response to daily and extended wear of disposable lenses with each patient acting as his/her own control. This paradigm allowed for elimination of individual variation as a confounding factor, as well as determining whether an intrinsic factor, other than lens wear, predisposed patients to complications.(More)
BACKGROUND Many factors have been demonstrated to influence flexure of rigid contact lenses, but the contributions of surface tension and eyelid forces to flexure are not well understood. METHODS We placed lenses on a model eye consisting of a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base which could be flexed, and measured resultant flexure with a(More)
Most corneal topographers are slope-based instruments, measuring corneal slope based on light reflected by the cornea acting as a mirror. This mirror method limits corneal coverage to about 9 mm diameter. Both refractive surgery and contact lens fitting actually require a larger coverage than is obtainable using slope-based instruments. Height-based(More)
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