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BACKGROUND BORIS, a paralogue of the transcription factor CTCF, is a member of the cancer-testis antigen (CT) family. BORIS is normally present at high levels in the testis; however it is aberrantly expressed in various tumors and cancer cell lines. The main objectives of this study were to investigate BORIS expression together with sub-cellular(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical and pathological features, methods and outcome of management in squamous cell carcinoma of the penis (SCCP). PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective study was carried out of 42 patients (mean age 63 years, range 28-86) with a histological diagnosis of SCCP. The disease stage, grade, treatment of primary tumour, lymph node(More)
BACKGROUND Germline mutations within DNA-repair genes are implicated in susceptibility to multiple forms of cancer. For prostate cancer (PrCa), rare mutations in BRCA2 and BRCA1 give rise to moderately elevated risk, whereas two of B100 common, low-penetrance PrCa susceptibility variants identified so far by genome-wide association studies implicate RAD51B(More)
Fibroblasts from forearm skin biopsy specimens from 3 patients with Friedreich's ataxia and controls without evidence of hypersensitivity to ionising radiation were exposed to a range of doses of gamma or x-rays up to 550 rad, and cell survival was measured by counting clones derived from single fibroblasts. Cells from two of the three Friedreich cases were(More)