John Clarkson

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The binding of sulphate to human serum apo-transferrin has been examined by ultraviolet absorption and ultraviolet resonance Raman difference spectroscopies between pH 6.0 and 9.0. The ultraviolet absorption data reveals a negative feature at 245 nm that increases in magnitude with pH, with an apparent pK(a) of 7.57, which the Raman difference data reveals(More)
This study evaluates the impact of therapeutic vaccination with p24-VLP and zidovudine on the induction or maintenance of HIV-specific cytotoxic lymphocyte activity in a cohort of asymptomatic patients with CD4 counts greater than 400 cells/microl. In a dummy, randomized, phase II clinical trial of the therapeutic vaccine, participants were randomized to(More)
It is still unclear whether mechanical unfolding probes the same pathways as chemical denaturation. To address this point, we have constructed a concatamer of five mutant I27 domains (denoted (I27)(5)*) and used it for mechanical unfolding studies. This protein consists of four copies of the mutant C47S, C63S I27 and a single copy of C63S I27. These(More)
IL-12 production is reduced in HIV infection, and recombinant human IL-12 (rhIL-12) augments in vitro HIV-specific proliferative responses in PBMC from HIV-seropositive individuals. To determine whether rhIL12 could also augment HIV-specific CTL responses we studied 41 HIV-seropositive individuals. Recombinant hIL-12 increased the detectable in vitro(More)
UV resonance Raman (UVRR) spectroscopy is used to study the binding of biotin and 2-iminobiotin by streptavidin, and the results are compared to those previously obtained from the avidin-biotin complex and new data from the avidin-2-iminobiotin complex. UVRR difference spectroscopy using 244-nm excitation reveals changes to the tyrosine (Tyr) and tryptophan(More)
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