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The size of the largest marsupial and why it matters
We show that at 2786 kg, the largest known marsupial, Diprotodon optatum, was much larger than has previously been suggested. Our results contradict the conclusion that the maximum attainable bodyExpand
Rice Tungro Disease in Sarawak: Past and Present Status
Rice Tungro Disease (RTD) is one of the viral diseases which devastated rice production in South and Southeast Asia. Due to the severity of the RTD, close monitoring of this disease is important toExpand
Number of Maxillary Teeth in Scincid Lizards: Lineage Characteristics and Ecological Implications
Abstract The relationship between the mean number of maxillary teeth and the mean head length was investigated among 67 species of skinks, each represented by five large adults, and chosen toExpand
Evaluation of genetic relatedness among shorea parvifolia dyer parvfolia adult trees and saplings using rapd-pcr
The genetic relatedness among Shorea parvi(olia Dyer parvi(olia at Semengoh Forest Reserve, Sarawak was evaluated using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis. Four arbitrary primers thatExpand
Controlled extraction of Chinese medical herbs
Traditional Chinese medicine has been in use for hundreds of years and is recently attracting the attention of patients and the medical profession around the globe. Boiling is one of the mostExpand
Investigation of Extraction Controls for the Production of Herbal Medicine Concoctions
A gas generating package includes tablets or other material, which when contacted with water generates both hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Expand