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PROBLEM Injections of estradiol-17 beta (E2) are known to both induce anovulation and alter lymphocyte maturation in female mice. The current study examined whether the two events are related. METHOD OF STUDY Female (C3H/HeJ x 129J)F1 (C31) mice were injected with 20 micrograms of E2 from 0-3 days, or from 3-6 days, postpartum. At 8, 12, 20, 32, or 40(More)
Animation of human movement can be based either on analog inputs derived directly from actual movements or on symbolic inputs chosen to produce the desired movement. The former type of input can be quite accurate and objective but is a description of the required movement whereas the latter is often quite imprecise and subjective but provides an analysis of(More)
BACKGROUND Arginine (Arg) is deficient in the serum of the preterm neonate and is lower in those developing intestinal ischemia. We investigated whether Arg or its precursor, citrulline (Cit), protects intestinal tight junctions (TJs) from hypoxia (HX) and determined whether inducible nitric oxide (NO) plays a role. METHODS Neonatal piglet jejunal IPEC-J2(More)
Drchrono is an Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) application designed specifically for the iPad. Described as portable, efficient and accessible anywhere, drchrono has several features that might be attractive to health care providers. However, EHRs have to conform to certain Federal Healthcare Information Technology Guidelines, which are evaluated in a(More)
Although a number of movement notation systems have been invented, only a few have been developed and are in substantial use. Movement notation systems are inherently complex and therefore are difficult to master. The system described here is designed to accept Labanotation commands as input when they are entered with a light pen at a computer graphics(More)
BACKGROUND Female mice and rats injected with estrogen perinatally become anovulatory and develop follicular cysts. The current consensus is that this adverse response to estrogen involves the hypothalamus and occurs because of an estrogen-induced alteration in the GnRH delivery system. Whether or not this is true has yet to be firmly established. The(More)
Sudden deafness with or without vertigo presents a difficult diagnostic problem. This article describes 12 patients with enhancement of the cochlea and/or vestibule on gadolinium-diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), correlating the enhancement with the auditory and vestibular function. All patients were studied with(More)
Populations of predominantly female house mice (Mus musculus) were created by placing virgin female mice in cages (0.045 m2 to 0.48 m2) with a single stud male, and removing all ensuing male offspring at weaning. At maximum population size, the females in these all-female/one-male populations exhibited male-like aggressive behavior. Termination of the(More)