John Chapman

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  • Samir Yalaoui, Thierry Huby, Jean-François Franetich, Audrey Gego, Armelle Rametti, Martine Moreau +10 others
  • 2008
Infection of hepatocytes by Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites requires the host tetraspanin CD81. CD81 is also predicted to be a coreceptor, along with scavenger receptor BI (SR-BI), for hepatitis C virus. Using SR-BI-knockout, SR-BI-hypomorphic and SR-BI-transgenic primary hepatocytes, as well as specific SR-BI-blocking antibodies, we demonstrate that(More)
Although a number of movement notation systems have been invented, only a few have been developed and are in substantial use. Movement notation systems are inherently complex and therefore are difficult to master. The system described here is designed to accept Labanotation commands as input when they are entered with a light pen at a computer graphics(More)
Animation of human movement can be based either on analog inputs derived directly from actual movements or on symbolic inputs chosen to produce the desired movement. The former type of input can be quite accurate and objective but is a description of the required movement whereas the latter is often quite imprecise and subjective but provides an analysis of(More)
We apply the weighted-residual approach recently introduced in [7] to derive dis-continuous Galerkin formulations for advection-diffusion-reaction problems. We devise the basic ingredients to ensure stability and optimal error estimates in suitable norms, and propose two new methods. 1. Introduction. In recent years Discontinuous Galerkin methods have(More)
We prove in an abstract setting that standard (continuous) Galerkin finite element approximations are the limit of interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin approximations as the penalty parameter tends to infinity. We apply this result to equations of non-negative characteristic form and the non-linear, time dependent system of incompressible miscible(More)
Recent advances in LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology have allowed for the remote sensing of important forest characteristics to be more reliable and commercially available. Studies have shown that this technology can adequately estimate forest characteristics such as individual tree locations, tree heights, and crown diameters. These values are(More)
For the stationary advection-diffusion problem the standard continuous Galerkin method is unstable without some additional control on the mesh or method. The interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin method is stable but at the expense of an increased number of degrees of freedom. The hybrid method proposed in [5] combines the computational complexity of the(More)
Natural history is based on observations, whereas modern ecology is mostly based on experiments aimed at testing hypotheses, either in the field or in a computer. Furthermore, experiments often reveal generalities that are taken as norms. Ecology, however, is a historical discipline and history is driven by both regularities (deriving from norms) and(More)
The role of assessment in learning is to evaluate student comprehension and ability. Assessment instruments often function at the task level. What is rarely considered is the process students go through to reach the final solution. This often allows knowledge component gaps and misconceptions to go undetected. This research identified higher levels of(More)
The literature has long pointed to heightened frequencies of learning disabilities (LD) within the population of law offenders; however, a systematic appraisal of these observations, careful estimation of these frequencies, and investigation of their correlates and causes have been lacking. Here we present data collected from all youth (1,337 unique(More)