John Caughman

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Following the article " Yet Another Hat Game " by M. Paterson and D. Stinson, this paper introduces Ebert's Hat Game and a variation called 'Hats-on-a-line'. We examine optimal strategies for these two games and then introduce a new hat game which is a hybrid of these two. We conclude by providing an optimal strategy for the new game and presenting the(More)
This paper presents a synthesis algorithm, Covering Set Partitions (CSP), for reversible binary functions with no ancillary (garbage) bits. Existing algorithms are constrained to functions of small number of variables because they store the entire truth table of 2n terms in memory or require a huge amount of time to yield results because they must calculate(More)
W hen going on the job market for the first time, it is easy to feel like you are drowning in a sea of questions: When should I apply? Should I print my application on fancy paper? What is a standard " benefits " package? This article is based on our own experiences of applying for post-doctoral and academic positions, combined with our more recent(More)
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