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prolonged discharge from the womb; so singing is not a "remedy", nor is the condition furor uterinus. In an extended discussion of the images of Ashmole 399, Dixon argues that they form a single "saga of uterine woes" (p. 31) of eight pictures, in which a woman suffering from uterine suffocation eventually dies. She interprets the autopsy in the sixth(More)
A robust control framework is used to investigate a streamwise constant projection of the Navier Stokes equations for plane Couette flow. Study of this streamwise constant model is motivated by both numerical and experimental observations that suggest the prevalence and importance of streamwise and quasi-streamwise elongated structures. Small-amplitude(More)
Software agents can be viewed as semi-autonomous entities which help people cope with the complexities of working collaboratively in a distributed information environment. This paper describes the research that DERA is carrying out into Software Agents for use in Command Systems and the collaborative work with the 16 partners of an international Coalition(More)
Ten low-order streams draining headwater catchments within the East Fork Little Miami Watershed were evaluated throughout one year for the presence of six steroidal hormones, the antibiotic sulfamethoxazole, the antimicrobials triclosan and triclocarban, and the artificial sweetener sucralose. The wastewater management practices in the catchments included(More)
Traditional fisheries regulations, such as yearly industry-wide quotas, can become counterproductive, by encouraging a competitive “race to fish”. The race to land catches in season, before the fishing quota is filled, may damage ocean ecology and distort the market. Adopting a catch shares policy, which allocates proportions of the yearly catch to(More)
States that form alliances around common security interests are unlikely to enter into conflict with one another, but does this also apply to the friends of friends in international alliance networks? Weihua Li of Beihang University and colleagues from Ohio State University conducted a network analysis of treaties and conflicts active between 1965 and 2000(More)