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Between Two Worlds: A Reading of Descartes's Meditations
Preface ix Note on Translations xv Introduction 1 Chapter 1: The First Meditation 27 Chapter 2: The Second Meditation 65 Chapter 3: (I) The Third Meditation: The Truth Rule and the "Chief and MostExpand
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A Companion to Descartes
matters, which seem to have no use. Moreover the former is so closely tied to the examination of fi gures that it cannot exercise the intellect without greatly tiring the imagination; and the latterExpand
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On the Relationship between Mode and Substance in Spinoza's Metaphysics
L'A. defend la these selon laquelle la dichotomie substance/mode dans la pensee metaphysique de Spinoza se rapproche d'une conception medievale de la dichotomie substance/accident chez Aristote. L'A.Expand
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X—Epistemology past and Present
I draw attention to certain differences between how seventeenth-century philosophers thought about knowledge and how contemporary philosophers think about it. These differences do not strike me asExpand
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The Cartesian Circle and the Foundations of Knowledge
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Monism in Spinoza
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2. The Second Meditation
The Ethics in Spinoza’s Ethics
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Conatus and Perfection in Spinoza1
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