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Many disciplines are wrought with high levels of uncertainty and many unknowns including trans-disciplinary design. Hence, to achieve some advancement within a discipline, we must provide aids in achieving mitigation of complexity and increasing understanding. We achieve this by investigating beyond the boundaries of the existing discipline's design(More)
No claim of confidentiality is made for any information contained in this study on the basis of its falling within the scope of FIFRA § 10(d)(1)(A), (B), or (C). The above statement supersedes all other statements of confidentiality that may occur elsewhere in this report. The undersigned hereby declare that the work to which this report refers was(More)
Advances in both low-level and high-level fusion continue to be made at an increasingly accelerated pace. With the value of Information Fusion now being recognized as applicable to several domain problems, comes the need to develop a systematic and cohesive approach to address the Enterprise Multi-Level Fusion Lifecycle. It is no longer sufficient to(More)
Research shows that generating new knowledge is accomplished via natural human means: mental insights, scientific inquiry process, sensing, actions, and experiences, while context is information, which characterizes the knowledge and gives it meaning [8]. This knowledge is acquired via scientific research requiring the focused development of an established(More)
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