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Sustained Silent Reading: Does It Increase Skills?.
INCREASING numbers of both elementary and secondary teach ers have implemented sustained si lent reading (SSR) as part of their programs in reading instruction. Giv en that SSR provides opportunityExpand
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The Effect of Three-Dimensional Stimuli versus Two-Dimensional Stimuli on Visual Form Discrimination
The experiment was designed to examine the effects of distinctive feature training using two-dimensional letter-like forms as compared with distinctive feature training using three-dimensionalExpand
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The Portents of Reading.
WHAT teachers do and would like to do in divergent dis cussion, creative expression and si lent reading is good teaching and practice because these activities fos ter reading comprehension. RecallExpand
The "Virtues" of Round Robin Reading.
The goal of education is preparation for life. The goal of literacy training is preparation for education, not just formal education but life-long education, education in the broad sense. SchoolExpand
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The S.S. Reading: Does it Float?
Increasing numbers of both elementary and secondary teachers have implemented Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) as a part of their program in reading instruction. Much of this implementation hasExpand
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Language and Learning.
Books For Young Children
No abstract available. BOOKS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN John C. Towner and Theodore A. Mork WESTERN WASHINGTON STATE COLLEGE Children love to be held on parents' laps and they love to be read to. TheExpand
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