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Solubility and toxicity of resin acids
Abstract The solubilities of the eight most common resin acids have been measured using a solid phase extraction and gas chromatography determination. Their acute toxicity has also been determined byExpand
The mechanism of alkyl ketene dimer sizing of paper, Part I
Carbon-14-labelled tetradecyl ketene dimer and hexadecyl hexadecanoate have been synthesized and used to study the mechanism of neutral sizing. The development of sizing by these compounds is veryExpand
Naturally Occurring Xanthones.
Bleach Boosting Effect of Cellulase-free Xylanase of Streptomyces Thermoviolaceus and its Comparison with Two Commercial Enzyme Preparations on Birchwood Kraft Pulp
Abstract Streptomyces thermoviolaceus extracellular xylanase preparations were used to treat birchwood Kraft pulp prior to chlorine bleaching. Xylanase concentrations in the range 5–100 IU g −1 dryExpand
Marine sterols. V. sterols of some tunicata. The occurrence of saturated ring sterols in these filter-feeding organisms
The sterols present in one oceanic and two coastal tunicates have been determined by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry techniques and a number of the 5α-stanols found are very uncommon in the marine environment and the presence of new C31 and C32 sterols with long sidechains indicated in the Ascidia mentula extracts is notable. Expand
Marine sterols. XII. The sterols of some pelagic marine crustaceans
The euphausiids appear to have developed an almost unispecific requirement for cholesterol, irrespective of trophic level, whilst the mysids show a considerable variation in sterol composition. Expand