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This paper describes a preliminary investigation into an internal corporate blogging community called BlogCentral. We conducted semi-structured interviews with fourteen active bloggers to investigate the role of blogging and its effects on work processes. Our findings suggest that BlogCentral facilitates access to tacit knowledge and resources vetted by(More)
This workshop will explore a diversity of perspectives on Patterns and Patterns Languages for HCI as well as the requirements for software tools needed to improve the effectiveness of both pattern creation and pattern use. Through discussion of conceptual and methodological issues of why (and how) patterns are identified and in what circumstances they are(More)
Many different query systems have been proposed. One way to partition extant and hypothetical query systems is on the basis of how English-like they are. One approach for an easy-to-use query system is to allow the user to state a question in natural English. The system may then disambiguate the possible interpretations of this question on the basis of(More)
BACKGROUND Psoriasis is a common disease with substantial effects on quality of life. The prevalence of psoriasis in African Americans has been previously reported as rare. However, there have been no population-based studies to assess the prevalence and burden of psoriasis in African Americans. OBJECTIVE We sought to measure the prevalence and burden of(More)
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum plants have been regenerated via organogenesis from hypocotyl, cotyledonary node, and leaf expiants with varying frequencies. The highest regeneration frequencies were obtained from either hypocotyls (23–34%) or cotyledonary nodes (21–41%). Leaf expiants yielded very poor regeneration frequencies (0–11%). Expiants were placed(More)
Root-microbe interactions are considered to be the primary process of polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) phytoremediation, since bacterial degradation has been shown to be the dominant pathway for environmental PAH dissipation. However, the precise mechanisms driving PAH rhizostimulation symbiosis remain largely unresolved. In this study, we assessed PAH(More)
PURPOSE We reviewed our experience of 5 years using ureteroscopy with laser lithotripsy to treat stone disease in prepubertal children. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective review was performed of all ureteroscopic procedures performed in prepubertal children. RESULTS A total of 33 ureteroscopic procedures were performed in 29 prepubertal children (15(More)
PURPOSE We reviewed the literature on the effects of ionizing radiation in pediatric patients, and discuss current recommendations and challenges facing radiologists and pediatric urologists. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed a MEDLINE(R) search to identify articles evaluating the risk of ionizing radiation in pediatric patients. Particular attention was(More)
PURPOSE Data addressing ureteroscopic management of intrarenal calculi in prepubertal children are limited. We reviewed our experience from January 2002 through December 2007. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed ureteroscopic procedures for intrarenal calculi in children younger than 14 years. Stone-free status was determined with(More)