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(ABSTRACT) Reducing the operating costs of chemical processes is very beneficial in decreasing a company's bottom line numbers. Since chemical processes are usually run in steady-state for long periods of time, saving a few dollars an hour can have significant long term effects. However, the complexity involved in most chemical processes from nonlinear(More)
OBJECTIVE Few previous studies have examined the role that acute Chlamydia trachomatis lower genital tract infection plays in the development of spontaneous abortion. This study evaluated cervical C. trachomatis infections among 52 women experiencing spontaneous abortion and 59 controls. METHODS Pregnant women at less than 22 weeks of gestation who sought(More)
— This paper presents inverter control strategies to compensate for the distorting effects of unbalanced and non-linear loads in 4-leg inverter-fed power systems. Synchronous frame controllers are utilized at selected frequencies to eliminate positive and negative sequence distortion. Additionally, stationary frame controllers are employed to attenuate zero(More)
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