John C Sharp

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Although the local environment of a molecule can play an important role in its chemistry, rarely has it been examined experimentally at the level of individual molecules. Here we report the precise control of intramolecular hydrogen-transfer (tautomerization) reactions in single molecules using scanning tunnelling microscopy. By placing, with atomic(More)
We report the direct observation of intramolecular hydrogen atom transfer reactions (tautomerization) within a single porphycene molecule on a Cu(110) surface by scanning tunneling microscopy. It is found that the tautomerization can be induced via inelastic electron tunneling at 5 K. By measuring the bias-dependent tautomerization rate of(More)
The heterocoupling of organic building blocks to give complex multicomponent macromolecules directly at a surface holds the key to creating advanced molecular devices. While "on-surface" synthesis with prefunctionalized molecules has recently led to specific one- and two- component products, a central challenge is to discover universal connection strategies(More)
Phenomena that are highly sensitive to magnetic fields can be exploited in sensors and non-volatile memories. The scaling of such phenomena down to the single-molecule level may enable novel spintronic devices. Here, we report magnetoresistance in a single-molecule junction arising from negative differential resistance that shifts in a magnetic field at a(More)
Heat transfer, electrical potential and light energy are common ways to activate chemical reactions. Applied force is another way, but dedicated studies for such a mechanical activation are limited, and this activation is poorly understood at the single-molecule level. Here, we report force-induced tautomerization in a single porphycene molecule on a(More)
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