John C. S. Tang

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This research examines and measures the outcomes of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) system implementation in the Thai banking industry from customers' perspectives. Because most e-CRM implementations cannot be directly seen or recognised by customers, a literature review and interviews with experts in the Thai banking industry were used(More)
BACKGROUND Factors affecting quality of life (QOL) ratings for people with dementia (PWD) have been well studied, but few studies have examined the effect of residence on PWD- and caregiver-rated QOL for PWDs. We designed this study to determine the factors related to PWD- and caregiver-rated QOL in dementia as well as factors related to the discrepancy in(More)
6. External Examiner (for Dissertations only)-NA-7. Expert Comments on the Work and Facility for the Feedback from the Users 8. Abstract of the Work Today, information technology is regarded as crucial for contributing to a country's economic and social development. Trend in globalization, rapid advancement in information technology, evolution of free trade(More)
NRC publications in the NUREG series, NRC regulations, and Title 10, Energy, of the Code of Federal Regulations, may be purchased from one of the following sources: The NUREG series comprises (1) brochures (NUREG/BR-XXXX), (2) proceedings of conferences (NUREG/CP-XXXX), (3) reports resulting from international agreements (NUREG/IA-XXXX), (4) technical and(More)
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