John C. Ruckdeschel

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Intact and thyro-parathyroidectomized (TPX) Sprague-Dawley rats of both sexes were observed for 24 days under a 12:12 light:dark cycle (Entrainment), followed by 20 days in constant dim red light (Free-Run). Circadian periods and levels of wheel-running activity were examined. Intact females and TPX males were significantly more active and had significantly(More)
Spinal epidural metastases were detected in 75 of 140 cancer patients with back pain who were evaluated prospectively by clinical criteria, spine roentgenography, and bone scan. Fifty-five of the 75 patients with epidural metastases had no evidence of myelopathy when diagnosed. Of the patients diagnosed and treated while still ambulatory, more than 90%(More)
There has been considerable interest in developing an animal model of the neuropsychological toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents used in the treatment of patients with cancer, especially children, since these agents often cause significant, long-term neuropsychological deficits. Yanovski, Packer, Levine, Davidson, Micalizzi, D'Angio (13) recently proposed(More)
As an attempt to develop an assessment methodology which is practical for use with severely ill cancer patients, Visual Analogue Scales (VAS) of pain, depression and anxiety were compared to standard measures of these variables in 29 outpatients and 11 inpatients suffering from cancer-related pain. Support for the validity of the VAS-Pain and VAS-Depression(More)
The United States lung cancer epidemic has not yet been controlled by present prevention and treatment strategies. Overexpression of a Mr 31,000 protein, heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) A2/B1, had shown promise as a marker of lung cancer. In a pilot study of archived preneoplastic sputum specimens, hnRNP A2/B1 overexpression more accurately(More)
Prevalence and correlates of posttreatment and anticipatory nausea and vomiting (NV) were examined in 149 cancer patients receiving chemotherapy at four treatment centres. Results of multiple regression analyses indicated that posttreatment NV was associated with treatment centre, diagnosis, drug toxicity, and frequency of antiemetic premedication.(More)
BACKGROUND Few intervention programs assist patients and their family caregivers to manage advanced cancer and maintain their quality of life (QOL). This study examined (i) whether patient-caregiver dyads (i.e., pairs) randomly assigned to a brief or extensive dyadic intervention (the FOCUS Program) had better outcomes than dyads randomly assigned to usual(More)
Combined modality therapy of locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer has become a widely used means of treatment with several reports of benefit found in randomized phase III trials. Progress in this area may, however, be less substantive than it appears. Phase III trials routinely take the better part of a decade to initiate, complete, and analyze, and(More)
A critical review of the literature examining the assessment of cancer-related pain revealed a lack of systematic research. In the present study, 40 patients with cancer-related pain were compared to 37 pain-free cancer patients matched on diagnosis, stage of disease, age, sex, and inpatient vs. outpatient status. The results supported a multidimensional(More)
Social support is an important resource for communities experiencing disasters. However, a disaster's nature (rapid- versus slow-onset, natural versus technological) may influence community-level responses. Disaster research on social support focuses primarily on rapid-onset natural disasters and, to a lesser extent, rapid-onset technological disasters.(More)