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BACKGROUND The unique S28 family of proteases is comprised of the carboxypeptidase PRCP and the aminopeptidase DPP7. The structural basis of the different substrate specificities of the two enzymes is not understood nor has the structure of the S28 fold been described. RESULTS The experimentally phased 2.8 A crystal structure is presented for human PRCP.(More)
The receptor tyrosine kinase c-Met is implicated in oncogenesis and is the target for several small molecule and biologic agents in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. Binding of the hepatocyte growth factor to the cell surface receptor of c-Met induces activation via autophosphorylation of the kinase domain. Here we describe the structural basis(More)
In the era of managed care, quality of medical care standards continue to materialize. Most of these standards have long, cumbersome, and complex rules. In light of such problematic rules, efficient ways of retrieving information for a computerized score card are needed. A technique for making such rules less difficult to use is to create Boolean(More)
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