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Phoretic miles of bark beetles are classic examples of commensal eclosymbionts. However, many such miles appear to have mutualisms with fungi that could themselves interact with beetles. We tested for indirect effects of phoretic mites on Dmdroctonus front&s, which auacks and kills pine trees in North America. Turson-emus mites are known LO carry ascospores(More)
The spruce beetle, Dendroctonus rufipennis, is an eruptive forest pest of significant economic and ecological importance. D. rufipennis has symbiotic associations with a number of microorganisms, especially the ophiostomatoid fungus Leptographium abietinum. The nature of this interaction is only partially understood. Additionally, mite and nematode(More)
We evaluated whether Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmermann populations were inßu-enced by nontrophic interactions involving commensal mites, their mutualistic bluestain fungus Ophiostoma minus (Hedgc.) H. and P. Sydow, and beetle-mutualistic mycangial fungi. We tested for effects of delayed, nonlinear, or positive feedback from O. minus and mites on D.(More)
The Mexican pine beetle (XPB) Dendroctonus mexicanus, is recorded here for the first time as a new introduction for the United States (US). Individuals of XPB and its sibling species, the southern pine beetle (SPB) Dendroctonus frontalis, were found infesting the same logs of Chihuahua pine, Pinus leiophylla var. chihuahuana and those of several other pine(More)
SUMMARY Interspecific trail following activity of poison sac contents from four species c leaf-cutting ants was investigated. With only one exception, all the species teste followed trails made from each others poison sac contents. However when the an1 were given a choice of following one of two separate trails, clear differences were show in the poison sac(More)
The morphology of insect eyes often seems to be shaped by evolution to match their behaviour and lifestyle. Here the relationship between the nuptial flight behaviour of 10 Atta species (Hymenoptera: Fonnicidae) and the eye size of male and female alates, including the compound eyes, ommatidia facets, and ocelli were examined. These species can be divided(More)
Amount of bluestain caused by Ceratocystis minor (Hedgcock) Hunt in trees infested with the southern pine beetle (SPB), Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmermann, was measured in three Texas and Louisiana forests. It was significantly correlated with number of Tarsonemus krantzi Smiley & Moser, a mite phoretic on SPB. Significantly less bluestain and significantly(More)