John C. McNulty

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The in-plane fracture resistance of a crossply Si3N4/BN fibrous monolith in the 0°/90° and 645° orientations is examined through tests on notched flexure specimens. The measurements and observations demonstrate the importance of fiber pullout following fiber fracture. The mechanical response is modeled using a crack-bridging approach. Two complementary(More)
Chronic exposure of pubertal male rats to ethanol results in a decline in serum testosterone and decreased or inappropriately normal serum luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels suggesting a functional defect in the pituitary. The molecular mechanisms behind this disorder are undefined. A role for ethanol-induced oxidative(More)
While indirect methods have been used, direct evaluation and measurement of the fast axonal transport system itself in chronic ethanol-fed rats have not been carried out previously. We evaluated this system using analog and digital image enhancement of differential interference contrast optical images in real time to assess the effect of ethanol on fast(More)
Cohorts of 1974 gold miners and 213 coal miners in Western Australia surveyed for respiratory symptoms, smoking habits, occupational history and radiographic evidence of pneumoconiosis have been followed up for 13-14 years. Overall, neither group had a significantly higher mortality than expected from the experience of Western Australian men in general.(More)
The outer membranes (OMs) from serovars a, b, and c of Treponema denticola, originally isolated from periodontal patients, were prepared. Dialysis of the OMs against 20 mM MgCl2 yielded the aggregable (A) and the nonaggregable (NA) moieties of the OMs. The absence of muramic acid, adenosine triphosphatase, hexokinase, and nucleic acid as well as electron(More)
An investigation of the thermal expansion behavior of ceramic fibrous monoliths (FMs) is presented. The emphasis is on the development and validation of material models applicable to Si3N4/BN FMs in both unidirectional and cross-ply architectures. Approximate analytical models are developed for the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) based on the(More)