John C. McEachen

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We present a method for more uniformly distributing the energy burden across a wireless ground-based sensor network communicating with an overhead unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). A subset of sensor nodes, termed a transmit cluster, receives and aggregates data gathered by the entire network, and forms a distributed antenna array, concentrating the radiated(More)
Distributed network intrusion detection systems which incorporate tens, hundreds, even thousands, of sensors are becoming increasing popular. Managing and presenting the information from these sensors is becoming an increasingly difficult task. This paper explores the use of Conversation Exchange Dynamics (CED) to integrate and display sensor information(More)
The performance of mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) is related to the efficiency of the routing protocols in adapting to frequently changing network topology and link status. This paper addresses the issue by comparing the relative performance of three key adhoc routing protocols: Destination-sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV), Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector(More)
We present an analysis of traffic collected from different topologies of wireless sensor networks. Specifically, over 2.1 million packets were analyzed from two different and commonly used network topologies, namely a direct connection to a base station and a daisy-chained connection to the base. The data traffic between the nodes was captured over a(More)