John C. Mace

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Workflows capture complex operational processes and include security constraints limiting which users can perform which tasks. An improper security policy may prevent certain tasks being assigned and may force a policy violation. Deciding whether a valid user-task assignment exists for a given policy is known to be extremely complex, especially when(More)
Workflows are complex operational processes that include security constraints restricting which users can perform which tasks. An improper user-task assignment may prevent the completion of the work-flow, and deciding such an assignment at runtime is known to be complex, especially when considering user unavailability (known as the resiliency problem).(More)
This paper explores the need for a collaborative development tool to allow information security experts to capture their interrelated knowledge in an ontology. Such a tool would enable organisations to make more informed security policy decisions around shared security issues. However, population of ontologies can be time-consuming and error-prone, and(More)
Computing a user-task assignment for a workflow coming with probabilistic user availability provides a measure of completion rate or resiliency. To a workflow designer this indicates a risk of failure, especially useful for workflows which cannot be changed due to rigid security constraints. Furthermore, resiliency can help outline a mitigation strategy(More)
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