John C Jacob

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Early outcome results for 10 cases of modified hemispherectomy are presented. All patients had a history of infantile hemiplegia and intractable epilepsy. Pre- and postoperative measures for seizures and motor and cognitive and behavioural functioning are described. Early results are encouraging with no mortality and a low rate of complications. There was a(More)
Patients with Batten-Kufs' disease may be divided into three groups by electronmicroscopy of their storage deposits. In the first group, those characterized by curvilinear profiles, there is a strong correlation with a particular clinical syndrome, the late infantile form of the disease. In the second group, characterized by finger-print profiles, there is(More)
With modern imaging techniques, various types of spinal dysraphism are being diagnosed in adults with increasing frequency. We report a 42-year-old woman with diastematomyelia whose symptoms characteristically were precipitated by trauma. She exhibited other typical features such as a posterior midline hair patch and vertebral malformations. Metrizamide(More)
OBJECTIVES Sarcoidosis affects the spinal cord in only 0.43% of patients with sarcoidosis. Usually there is systemic involvement prior to the development of cord lesions. We present a case of sarcoid isolated to the intramedullary spinal cord, which was a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. We review the case and then present a review of the literature(More)
The role of mechanical force as an important regulator of structure and function of mammalian cells, tissues, and organs has recently been recognized. However, mechanical overload is a pathogenesis or comorbidity existing in a variety of heart diseases, such as hypertension, aortic regurgitation and myocardial infarction. Physical stimuli sensed by cells(More)
Economics at the University of Sydney. Australia. The authors gratefully acknowledge the patient assistance of members of the OECD Fiscal Affairs Division and the helpful comments and contributions of officials of Member governments. especially of Delegates to Working Party No. 1 of the Economic Policy Committee and t o Working Party No. 2 of the Committee(More)
Two patients with congenital anomaly of the craniovertebral junction causing disabling hemifacial spasm (HFS) are presented. In one patient, complete cessation of the HFS occurred for a period of two years following simple bony decompression of the craniovertebral junction raising unanswered questions as to the exact pathogenesis of HFS. Eventually both(More)