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A cost-effectiveness study of three different interventions to promote the uptake of screening for cervical cancer in general practice was carried out in Perth in 1991. Women eligible for a Pap smear were randomly allocated to one of four groups: one receiving letters with specific appointments to attend a screening clinic staffed by female doctors, one(More)
This study examined the effect of three interventions for encouraging women to have a Pap smear in a general practice: tagging the medical record to remind the doctor to offer a Pap smear, sending an invitation to make an appointment for a Pap smear, and sending an invitation with an appointment to attend for a Pap smear at a special screening clinic(More)
We performed a retrospective review of all hemiplegic and diplegic cerebral palsy (CP) patients who had tendo-Achillis lengthening by open Z-plasty between 1974 and 1985. Fifty-seven patients with 77 heelcord lengthening were followed approximately 10 years. Our postoperative regimen did not routinely include bracing and physiotherapy, but our recurrence(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis of socioeconomic status (SES), defined on the basis of geographical area, will always be subject to misclassification of individuals. We studied the relationship between SES and selected health-related measures when SES was defined firstly on the basis of postcode and secondly on the basis of the smaller spatial area of collector's(More)
Ten years' clinical experience with below-elbow plaster cast treatment of distal one third pediatric forearm fractures was subjected to an independent retrospective radiographic review. In the study population of 761 fractures, no significant displacement occurred while the forearm remained in plaster. The average angulation change was 4.5 degrees (SD +/-(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether measurement of access to existing child health clinics, and modelled location of new clinics, was affected by the spatial definitions of the target population. METHOD Populations requiring childhood screening services were defined as located at individual households, and at geographic and population-weighted centroids of(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To study the clinical and cost outcomes of providing nutritional counselling to patients with one or more of the following conditions: overweight, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. DESIGN The study was designed as a random controlled trial. Consecutive patients were screened opportunistically for one or more of the above conditions and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate spatial access to mammography clinics and to investigate whether relocating clinics can improve global access. To determine whether any change in access is distributed equitably between different social groups. METHODS The study was undertaken in Perth, Western Australia in 1996. It was an analysis of travel distances to mammography(More)
The accessibility and spatial distribution of health services provided by the main source of primary medical care in Australia--the general practice surgery--was investigated by level of social disadvantage of local catchment areas. All 459 general practice surgeries in Perth, an Australian city of 1.2 million residents, were surveyed with a 94% response.(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To investigate whether public response to an invitation to attend mammography screening can be increased by strategic relocation of the clinics. METHODS Women invited to attend mammography screening were classified by attendance, socioeconomic status, and distance from their screening clinic. A geographic information system was used to(More)