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The response of 835 click-sensitive neurons in the inferior colliculus (IC) to ramp frequency modulated (FM) tones was studied in the anaesthetized rat. More than 70% of the cells were sensitive to the FM sound, and over 25% were "FM specialized". Systematic variations of the stimulus parameters showed that sweep velocity, sweep range, and intensity of the(More)
In decerebrate, vagotomized, paralyzed, and ventilated cats, activities of the phrenic nerve and single hypoglossal nerve fibers were monitored. The great majority of hypoglossal neuronal activities were inspiratory (I), discharging during a period approximating that of phrenic. Many were not active at normocapnia but were recruited in hypercapnia or(More)
In decerebrate, vagotomized, paralyzed, and ventilated cats, phrenic and respiratory-related hypoglossal discharges were evident at normocapnic normoxia or hyperoxia. Both increased progressively in hypercapnia or hypoxia. With increasing drive, onset of inspiratory hypoglossal activity began earlier relative to phrenic onset; an early expiratory(More)
PURPOSE To determine the relationship among visual field, neural structural, and blood flow measurements in glaucoma. METHODS Case-control study. Forty-seven eyes of 42 patients with perimetric glaucoma were age-matched with 27 normal eyes of 27 patients. All patients underwent Doppler Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography to measure retinal blood(More)
SNOMED-CT has been promoted as a reference terminology for electronic health record (EHR) systems. Many important EHR functions are based on the assumption that medical concepts will be coded consistently by different users. This study is designed to measure agreement among three physicians using two SNOMED-CT terminology browsers to encode 242 concepts(More)
PURPOSE It has been suggested that lipofuscin accumulation, as measured by increased fundus autofluorescence (FAF), precedes progression or development of junctional zone geographic atrophy (GA) in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The tools of biomedical image analysis were used to measure the probabilistic relationship of GA progression to increased(More)
The power spectrum of electromyograms (EMG) has been demonstrated to vary with muscles having different muscle fiber type compositions. This study investigated the variations in EMG power spectrum patterns of the masticatory muscles with age and gender by comparison of the mean power frequency (MPF) of the anterior temporal and masseter muscles in children(More)
Our purpose was to characterize receptors which respond to changes in upper airway pressures. Such changes cause alterations in hypoglossal and phrenic nerve activities. Decerebrate, vagotomized, paralyzed and ventilated cats were prepared so that pressures could be altered within segments of upper airways. Activities of single fibers in the superior(More)
Efferent activities on the phrenic and recurrent laryngeal (RLN) nerves were monitored during eupnea, apneusis, and gasping in decerebrate, paralyzed, and ventilated cats before and after spinal cord transection at the first cervical level. The vagi were sectioned caudal to the RLN being studied and at the midcervical level contralaterally. Before spinal(More)
Pure tone sensitivity of inferior colliculus (IC) neurons in adult rats was studied electrophysiologically following exposure to a frequency-modulated (FM) tone during the first 5 postnatal weeks. The distribution of best frequencies (BF) and minimum thresholds (MT) of 274 single units, when compared to the control, showed an abnormal clustering centered(More)