John C. Hawkins

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Identifying the binding partners of proteins is a problem of fundamental importance in computational biology. The PDZ is one of the most common and well-studied protein binding domains, hence it is a perfect model system for designing protein binding predictors. The standard approach to identifying the binding partners of PDZ domains uses multiple sequence(More)
The emerging picture of a continuous protein fold space highlights the existence of non obvious structural similarities between proteins with apparent different topologies. The identification of structure resemblances across fold space and the analysis of similar recognition regions may be a valuable source of information towards protein structure-based(More)
Tackling protein interfaces with small molecules capable of modulating protein-protein interactions remains a challenge in structure-based ligand design. Particularly arduous are cases in which the epitopes involved in molecular recognition have a non-structured and discontinuous nature. Here, the basic strategy of translating continuous binding epitopes(More)
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