John C. H. Lee

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This book is an introduction to manifolds at the beginning graduate level. It contains the essential topological ideas that are needed for the further study of manifolds, particularly in the context of differential geometry, algebraic topology, and related fields. Its guiding philosophy is to develop these ideas rigorously but economically, with minimal(More)
One common mistake made by non-native speakers of English is to drop the articles a, an, or the. We apply the log-linear model to automatically restore missing articles based on features of the noun phrase. We first show that the model yields competitive results in article generation. Further, we describe methods to adjust the model with respect to the(More)
The application of computing to aesthetics, and the formation of art and design, has a long history, which resulted in the emergence of computer art as a new art form in the1960s, with the integration of hardware, software, and cybernetics. We propose to look at the complementary area of applying aesthetics to computing. Computing, and its mathematical(More)
– Prediction of financial time series using artificial neural networks has been the subject of many publications, even if the predictability of financial series remains a subject of scientific debate in the financial literature. Facing this difficulty, analysts often consider a large number of exogenous indicators , which makes the fitting of neural(More)
Decision making is a fundamental human activity. Most important decisions require careful analysis of the factors influencing a decision. Surprisingly, there has been little work on tools to capture and assess validity of a heterogeneous set of facts and claims that bear on a decision. Good decision making requires two components which are specializations(More)
Environmental self-auditing by private firms is generally thought to both deserve and require encouragement. Firms can audit themselves more cheaply and effectively than can regulators, but too often are deterred for fear that the information they uncover will be used against them. To reduce this disincentive, the EPA's " Audit Policy " lowers punitive(More)
Whilst many user models can function perfectly adequately with a behavioural impression of the user, the provision of assistance in some task domains, notably design, requires a richer understanding, incorporating information about the user's knowledge and beliefs. This raises a number of important and difficult questions: How can we know what the user(More)
We argue that Lakatos' work on the history and philosophy of mathematics is of key relevance to machine creativity as it suggests ways in which to explore and transform concept spaces, re-represent knowledge and change evaluation criteria. We describe approaches to implementing methods which Lakatos identifies, including our own approach, which extends(More)