John C. Greene

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The effects of smokeless tobacco (ST) use were studied in 1109 members of major and minor league professional baseball teams during spring training in 1988. The prevalence of current ST use was 39%. The median age at initiation among users was 18 years, and the median duration of use was 5 years. Among users, 75% cited a snuff brand as their usual ST(More)
The risk for oral mucosal lesions associated with use of smokeless tobacco among 1,109 professional baseball players during spring training in 1988 was investigated. Leukoplakia was very strongly associated with use of smokeless tobacco in this population of healthy young men. Of the 423 current smokeless tobacco users, 196 had leukoplakia compared to seven(More)
We examined 142 biopsy specimens of smokeless tobacco-associated oral mucosal lesions from 133 professional baseball players. Four types of epithelial change were observed in the specimens: hyperparakeratosis, hyperorthokeratosis, pale surface staining, and basal cell hyperplasia. These types of epithelial change were associated with the type of smokeless(More)
This is a review of studies conducted from 1988-90 on the oral consequences of snuff and chewing tobacco use among professional baseball players. About half of the players studied were smokeless tobacco (ST) users, the majority of whom used snuff. Compared with non-users, players who used ST showed a significantly higher prevalence of leukoplakia, which was(More)
This report describes periodontal findings from a comprehensive study of smokeless tobacco use in professional baseball players. Subjects consisted of 1,094 players, coaches, and training staff of seven major league and their associated minor league teams. Before being examined, subjects completed questionnaires on patterns of smokeless tobacco use(More)
The authors examined the effect of smokeless tobacco use on the athletic performance of major league baseball players during the 1988 season. They evaluated performance records of 158 players on seven major league teams who played or pitched at least 10 games or innings during the 1988 season. ST use, they concluded, is not related to player performance in(More)