John C Grabau

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OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of different interventions to increase measles vaccination coverage among preschool children enrolled in the Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). DESIGN Public health intervention trial. SETTING Six volunteer WIC sites in New York City. STUDY PARTICIPANTS Children aged 12 to 59 months(More)
Consumption of raw shellfish has long been known to be associated with individual cases and sporadic outbreaks of enteric illness. However, during 1982, outbreaks of gastroenteritis associated with eating raw shellfish reached epidemic proportions in New York State. Between May 1 and December 31, there were 103 well-documented outbreaks in which 1017(More)
An Hasidic Jewish community has experienced recurrent hepatitis A outbreaks since 1980. To assess risk factors for illness during a 1985-6 outbreak, the authors reviewed case records and randomly selected 93 households for an interview and serologic survey. In the outbreak, 117 cases of hepatitis A were identified, with the highest attack rate (4.2%) among(More)
Symptom durations in head and neck cancer patients analyzed as a function of tumor stage suggest a reversal of the "common sense" notion that patients with early disease generally present with a shorter symptomatic period. A possible explanation is that variation in stage at diagnosis is primarily due to intrinsic differences in tumor aggressiveness rather(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, a short-course treatment using 60 daily doses of rifampin and pyrazinamide was recommended for latent tuberculosis (TB) infection (LTBI). STUDY OBJECTIVES To determine the acceptability, tolerability, and completion of treatment. DESIGN Observational cohort study. SETTING Five county jails and TB outreach clinics for homeless(More)
Indochinese refugees entering the United States have a high rate of tuberculosis and tuberculin reactivity. In addition, several investigators have noted that a large number of refugees with initial tuberculin tests that are "not significant" change to "significant" reactions when retested within 8 wk. This "conversion" phenomenon has been reported in 21 to(More)
From January 1979 through December 1980, a total of 664 Indochinese refugees were screened for tuberculosis in Monroe County, New York; 307 (46%) had positive 5-tuberculin unit PPD Mantoux tests. When 217 refugees with initially negative tests were retested at 60 days, 94 (43%) had converted from a negative to a positive test. Although none of the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study assessed measles vaccination rates and risk factors for lack of vaccination among preschool children enrolled in the Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) during the 1991 measles epidemic in New York City. METHODS Children aged 12 to 59 months presenting for WIC certification between April 1 and(More)
The re-emergence of tuberculosis as a significant public health threat has led to greatly renewed activity in tuberculin skin testing to identify infected persons. However, even use of the preferred skin test technique (intradermal injection of purified protein derivative via the Mantoux method) can lead to either false positive or false negative results.(More)