John C. Giordano

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Algorithm visualization systems and techniques have been introduced in a number of curricula to increase learner engagement and improve pedagogical processes. Effective visualization tools must be educationally beneficial to the learner while avoiding excessive overhead. In an introductory IT course, we compared the effectiveness of a COTS diagramming tool(More)
We examine key factors in the design and implementation of an Information Technology (IT) major and discuss the limitations encountered in creating a new program in a resource constrained environment. The focus is on four factors. First, we discuss a learning model appropriate for IT majors who need to be prepared for graduate study in IT, the military IT(More)
Knowledge about neurotransmitters, their receptors and their physiological effects has exploded in the past 15-20 years. Serotonin exerts diverse effects as a neurotransmitter and in nonneural tissues. The molecular sites of serotonin binding, re-uptake and autoregulation have proven to be viable targets for pharmacological intervention in a variety of(More)
The security of operating systems is a main concern for all computer users and programmers. Operating system developers have addressed this concern in different ways, resulting in a number of security improvements for existing operating systems. In our paper, we report our findings from a case study of SELinux and grsecurity, two prominent Linux kernel(More)
Recent research using fetal tissue transplants has expanded possible treatment options for several traumatic and degenerative neurologic disorders. However, the expectations of therapeutic benefit to be gained from these methods have been challenged by an equivalent degree of controversy. Fundamental viewpoints regarding abortion, physical autonomy and the(More)
Human behavior representation (HBR) is an elusive, yet critical goal for many in the simulation community. Requirement specifications related to HBR often exceed current capabilities. There exist a number of tools, techniques and frameworks to model and simulate HBR, but they are constrained and do not generalize well. Even with a vibrant research(More)
In this paper we describe the DeTella distributed overlay directory service. DeTella is composed of network nodes that reside in a logical address space. Data that is inserted into the network is "owned" by a single node and replicated by "neighboring" nodes. Each data item has a logical address that is used to determine which DeTella node owns it. The(More)
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