John C David

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The diagnosis of human cases of tularemia often relies upon the demonstration of an antibody response to Francisella tularensis or the direct culturing of the bacteria from the patient. Antibody response is not detectable until 2 weeks or more after infection, and culturing requires special media and suspicion of tularemia. In addition, handling live(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to characterize phenotypically enterotoxins, colonization factors (CFs) and the antibiotic susceptibility of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) strains isolated from cases of acute diarrhea that occurred in Europeans traveling to resorts in Mombasa, Kenya; this information is critical for the development of vaccines(More)
A total of 108 children aged 4-17 years were randomized to receive 7 days of azithromycin (10 mg/kg/day; maximum, 500 mg/day) or ceftriaxone (75 mg/kg/day; maximum, 2.5 g/day), to assess the efficacy of the agents for the treatment of uncomplicated typhoid fever. Salmonella typhi was isolated from the initial cultures of blood samples from 64 patients. A(More)
Anthrax is a zoonotic disease that is also well recognized as a potential agent of bioterrorism. Routine culture and biochemical testing methods are useful for the identification of Bacillus anthracis, but a definitive identification may take 24 to 48 h or longer and may require that specimens be referred to another laboratory. Virulent isolates of B.(More)
While Campylobacter, Salmonella, and Shigella remain major contributors to acute enteric infections, few studies on these pathogens have been conducted in Egypt. From January 1986 to December 1993, 869 Salmonella, Shigella and Campylobacter strains were isolated from stool specimens from 6,278 patients, presenting to the Abbassia Fever Hospital, Cairo,(More)
A set of terms recommended for use in facilitating communication in biological nomenclature is presented as a table showing broadly equivalent terms used in the traditional Codes of nomenclature. These terms are intended to help those engaged in naming across organism groups, and are the result of the work of the International Committee on Bionomenclature,(More)
This thesis cannot be reproduced or quoted extensively from without first obtaining permission in writing from the Author The content must not be changed in any way or sold commercially in any format or medium without the formal permission of the Author When referring to this work, full bibliographic details including the author, title, awarding institution(More)