John C Cramer

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The action of anthrax toxin relies in part upon the ability of the protective antigen (PA) moiety to form a heptameric pore in the endosomal membrane, providing a portal for entry of the enzymic moieties of the toxin into the cytosol. Pore formation is dependent on a conformational change in the heptameric prepore that occurs in the neutral to mildly acidic(More)
Hilden lists some of these limitations in his letter; another important one is its global interpretation, which does not translate well into clinical practice (1 ). The partial area under the ROC curve in the clinically relevant range of false-positive rates, or falsenegative rates, is a useful alternative measure of inherent diagnostic accuracy. Dr. Hilden(More)
We report a new synthesis of enantiomerically pure (S)-4-fluorohisitidine based on diastereoselective alkylation of MOM-protected 4-fluoro-5-bromomethyl imidazole using the Schöllkopf bis-lactim amino acid synthesis. Improvements in procedures for preparation of key intermediates are also described. (S)-4-Fluorohisitidine prepared by this new method was(More)
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