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  • John C Chen, Dexter C Whittinghill, Jennifer A Kadlowec
  • 2010
BACKGROUND Our goal is to improve student learning in foundation engineering courses. These courses are prerequisite to many higher-level courses and are comprised of critically needed concepts and skills. PURPOSE (HYPOTHESIS) We hypothesize that learning is improved by providing rapid feedback to stu­ dents on their understanding of key concepts and(More)
  • John C Chen, Jacob Kephart, Kyle Lick, William T Riddell
  • 2010
We have developed an experiment to study the propagation of laboratory synthesized fatigue cracks under various controlled conditions during Sonic IR inspection. The experiment provides for good repeatability in testing. The parameters of interest include the initial crack length, load history (stress intensity and load ratio) during crack generation,(More)
All engineering students at Rowan University are required to take the 8-semester Engineering Clinic sequence wherein multidisciplinary student teams engage in semester-long design projects. In addition to projects that are funded by local industry, faculty research grants or departmental budgets, a Venture Capital Fund has been created, which is(More)
A B S T R A C T Vibrothermography, or sonic IR, is a nondestructive evaluation technique used to find surface and near surface defects—such as cracks and delaminations—through observations of vibration-induced heat generation. This method has significant interest as an industrial inspection method, however, a lack of understanding of the fundamental physics(More)
Calls for educational reform emphasize the need for student-centered learning approaches that foster lifelong learning. To be a lifelong learner includes characteristics consistent with those of self-directed learners, such as being curious, motivated, reflective, analytical, persistent, flexible, and independent. Questionnaire. This approach should provide(More)
At Rowan University, design has been infused into the curriculum through an eight-semester course sequence called the Engineering Clinics. Through this experience, students learn the art and science of design in a multidisciplinary team environment and hone their design skills throughout their 4-year career. This paper describes the objectives of the(More)
  • John C Chen, Jennifer A Kadlowec, Dexter C Whittinghill
  • 2005
In this project our goal is to improve student learning in the foundation mechanics course Statics. In this case improved learning is defined as knowledge retention (durability) and knowledge application in a different environment (transferability). We aim to do this by providing rapid feedback to students of their understanding of key concepts and skills(More)
Purpose. To describe the histopathological features of vitreous samples obtained after vitrectomy surgery from diabetic and nondiabetic patients. Methods. Vitreous specimens from 137 patients who underwent vitrectomy for different clinical conditions were analysed. All samples were centrifuged and each resulting pellet was fixed and processed as part of(More)