John C. Cannon

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In this paper we integrate self-organizing map algorithm (SOM) with scatter plot and Radviz, extending these visualizations into the third dimension and reducing overlap. Classic visualizations are used as the two- dimensional base, combined with a self-organizing map that extends them into the third dimension, with an adjusted neighborhood function. This(More)
BACKGROUND Ocean pollution affects marine organisms and ecosystems as well as humans. The International Oceanographic Commission recommends ocean health monitoring programs to investigate the presence of marine contaminants and the health of threatened species and the use of multiple and early-warning biomarker approaches. OBJECTIVE We explored the(More)
Vanadyl ion, VO(IV), has been used as an electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spin label to study the metal-binding properties of human serum transferrin in the presence of bicarbonate. Iron-saturated transferrin does not bind the vanadyl ion. Room temperature titrations of apotransferrin with VO(IV) as monitored by EPR indicate the extent of binding to be(More)
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