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The present is unexpectedly a critical time for population change and policy. We are little more than half way through the great population growth spurt that began in the middle of the twentieth century, but developed-country governments seem to be losing interest in the issue. This loss of interest may have a significant demographic impact. The probable(More)
National family planning programs have been an important instrument in accelerating global fertility decline and in restricting ultimate world population to a level probably below ten billion. They began to come into being after 1950 and will probably go out of existence in most of the world's regions by 2050. The archetypal programs were instituted in Asia(More)
The Review's editors identified ICPD, Cairo as being one of the most important events of our time in the field of reproductive health, population and development. From their different viewpoints, all our forum contributors concur. Accordingly, we felt that this forum was the place to debate the reality behind the rhetoric and the wishful hopes. We invited a(More)
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