John C. Browne

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Elevating the temperature of cancerous cells is known to increase their susceptibility to subsequent radiation or chemotherapy treatments, and in the case in which a tumor exists as a well-defined region, higher intensity heat sources may be used to ablate the tissue. These facts are the basis for hyperthermia based cancer treatments. Of the many available(More)
Notwithstanding the vaunted intelligence of the age in which we live,-the education of the masses, the mental illumination of the upper ten thousand, the universal dissemination of correct views and sound principles, a pestilential atmosphere of ignorance and error is still somehow and somewhere engendered, is still freely circulating through the(More)
Call for Papers for Computer: We're looking for papers and articles of wide appeal to Computer Society members for publication in Computer. If you have an idea for an article contact our technical editor. If you have a manuscript ready for review, submit four complete copies, including illustrations and references or bibliography, and a statement indicating(More)
Acknowledgments I would first and foremost like to thank my advisor, Mike Dahlin. Mike has consistently done more than what is required of an advisor and helped me in many ways through my graduate life. His interest in the subject matter and enthusiasm to pursue research is inspiring and contagious. Mike also has excellent insight into systems problems and(More)
The General Council of Medical Education and Registration, at its recent session, declined to recommend the licensing bodies of this kingdom to make mental diseases a subject of separate examination for all degrees and licences to practise medicine; and those who know most of the state of medical education on the one hand, and of Psychological Medicine on(More)