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Increasing attention is being paid to inappropriate medication use in nursing homes. However, criteria defining the appropriate or inappropriate use of medication in this setting are not readily available and are not uniform. We used a two-round survey, based on Delphi methods, with 13 nationally recognized experts to reach consensus on explicit criteria(More)
Pendred syndrome is a recessively inherited disorder with the hallmark features of congenital deafness and thyroid goitre. By some estimates, the disorder may account for upwards of 10% of hereditary deafness. Previous genetic linkage studies localized the gene to a broad interval on human chromosome 7q22-31.1. Using a positional cloning strategy, we have(More)
CONTEXT The effects of home visitation programs to prevent functional decline in elderly persons have been inconsistent, and the value of these programs is controversial. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of preventive home visits on functional status, nursing home admission, and mortality. DATA SOURCES Studies published in English, French, German,(More)
To lay the groundwork for devising, improving and implementing strategies to prevent or delay the onset of disability in the elderly, we conducted a systematic literature review of longitudinal studies published between 1985 and 1997 that reported statistical associations between individual base-line risk factors and subsequent functional status in(More)
PURPOSE There is a need for valid and reliable short scales that can be used to assess social networks and social supports and to screen for social isolation in older persons. DESIGN AND METHODS The present study is a cross-national and cross-cultural evaluation of the performance of an abbreviated version of the Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS-6),(More)
Autism is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder defined by social and communication deficits and ritualistic-repetitive behaviors that are detectable in early childhood. The etiology of idiopathic autism is strongly genetic, and oligogenic transmission is likely. The first stage of a two-stage genomic screen for autism was carried out by the Collaborative(More)
OBJECTIVES This study explored differences between refusers and participants in a longitudinal study with extensive baseline and follow-up information. METHODS Results of a trial comparing 791 participants and 401 community-residing older adults who refused to participate in a study concerning preventive home visits were examined. Information was(More)
BACKGROUND In-home preventive visits with multidimensional geriatric assessments can delay the onset of disabilities in older people. METHODS This was a stratified randomized trial. There were 791 participants, community-dwelling people in Bern, Switzerland, older than 75 years. The participants' risk status was based on 6 baseline predictors of(More)
BACKGROUND Elderly patients taking inappropriate drugs are at increased risk for adverse outcomes. We investigated the prevalence of inappropriate drug use and its predisposing factors in community-residing older persons. METHODS We conducted in-home interviews with 414 subjects aged 75 years and older living in the community of Santa Monica, Calif.(More)