John C. Barrett

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Delivery system design and adjuvant development are crucially important areas of research for improving vaccines. Peptide amphiphile micelles are a class of biomaterials that have the unique potential to function as both vaccine delivery vehicles and self-adjuvants. In this study, peptide amphiphiles comprised of a group A streptococcus B cell antigen (J8)(More)
A meeting on "Cancer Chemoprevention and Cancer Treatment; role of vitamin D, 1alpha,25-(OH)(2)D(3) and deltanoids" was held on the NIH Congres, Bethesda in November 2004. The following conclusions were presented at the end of this symposium. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency are worldwide problems and are associated with several health problems(More)
The leading causes of morbidity and mortality globally are cardiovascular diseases, and nanomedicine can provide many improvements including disease-specific targeting, early detection, and local delivery of diagnostic agents. To this end, we designed fibrin-binding, peptide amphiphile micelles (PAMs), achieved by incorporating the targeting peptide(More)
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