John Burkhardt

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iv In a society which places such high value on invention and expansion, the idea of a legacy is often dismissed as being outmoded, unenlight-ened, or possibly even a bit elitist. Yet much of what we have, including our very opportunity to anticipate and shape progress, has been secured for us by individuals and institutions that have preceded us along this(More)
Microrobotics is a rapidly growing field with promising applications in microsurgery and microassembly. A challenge in these systems is providing power and control signals to the robot. This project explores crawling robots that are powered and controlled through a global mechanical vibration field. Structures within the robot will cause it to respond to(More)
 There is a strong and increasing desire for more multidisciplinary activities within mathematical, scientific and engineering education. This has found particularly strong voice in the rise of graduate programs in Computational Science and Engineering. The growth of such programs and centers is only just beginning to take root in the undergraduate(More)
INTRODUCTION As patients become increasingly involved in their medical care, physician-patient communication gains importance. A previous study showed that physician self-disclosure (SD) of personal information by primary care providers decreased patient rating of the provider communication skills. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to explore the(More)
INTRODUCTION This study investigates the impact of the Doximity rankings on the rank list choices made by residency applicants in emergency medicine (EM). METHODS We sent an 11-item survey by email to all students who applied to EM residency programs at four different institutions representing diverse geographical regions. Students were asked questions(More)
Areas of Interest: Higher education organization and administration, diversity in higher education and student affairs, qualitative inquiry, and higher education's engagement and relationships with society how lifelong learning shapes the career trajectories of women with STEM doctorates: The life experiences and role negotiations (LEARN) model.
 The use of jigsaw techniques in a multidisciplinary, project-oriented, introductory computational science and engineering course is described. The course revolves around the study and completion of four projects, each devised and taught by a team of faculty drawn from several departments. This paper discusses the execution of a single project in the(More)
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