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A major international experiment on ammonia (NH 3) biosphere-atmosphere exchange was conducted over intensively managed grassland at Braunschweig, Germany. The experimental strategy was developed to allow an integrated analysis of different features of NH 3 exchange including: a) quantification of nearby emissions and advection 5 effects, b) estimation of(More)
Improved data on biosphere-atmosphere exchange are fundamental to understanding the production and fate of ammonia (NH 3) in the atmosphere. The GRAMINAE Integrated Experiment combined novel measurement and modelling approaches to provide the most comprehensive analysis of the interactions to date. Major inter-5 comparisons of micrometeorological parameters(More)
Microrobotics is a rapidly growing field with promising applications in microsurgery and microassembly. A challenge in these systems is providing power and control signals to the robot. This project explores crawling robots that are powered and controlled through a global mechanical vibration field. Structures within the robot will cause it to respond to(More)
The field of microrobotics has vast applications including non-invasive surgery, targeted drug delivery, and telemetry. Many groups are developing or have developed magnetically based actuation methods for microrobotics. These magnetically based systems can potentially lead to undesirable effects on the human body. Acoustic control provides an interesting(More)
Ammonia exchange fluxes between grassland and the atmosphere were modeled on the basis of stomatal compensation points and leaf surface chemistry, and compared with measured fluxes during the GRAMINAE intensive measurement campaign in spring 2000 near Braunschweig, Germany. Leaf wetness and dew chemistry in 5 grassland were measured together with ammonia(More)
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