John Burkhardt

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Microrobotics is a rapidly growing field with promising applications in microsurgery and microassembly. A challenge in these systems is providing power and control signals to the robot. This project explores crawling robots that are powered and controlled through a global mechanical vibration field. Structures within the robot will cause it to respond to(More)
This project explores seismic actuation using a global vibration field as a means to communicate with and power meso-scale crawling robots. Structures within the robots cause them to respond to particular frequencies with different motion modalities. The robots are steered by controlling the frequencies present in the vibration field. COMSOL Multiphysics(More)
The field of microrobotics has vast applications including non-invasive surgery, targeted drug delivery, and telemetry. Many groups are developing or have developed magnetically based actuation methods for microrobotics. These magnetically based systems can potentially lead to undesirable effects on the human body. Acoustic control provides an interesting(More)
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