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OBJECTIVE To determine the excess length of stay, extra costs, and mortality attributable to adverse drug events (ADEs) in hospitalized patients. DESIGN Matched case-control study. SETTING The LDS Hospital, a tertiary care health care institution. PATIENTS All patients admitted to LDS Hospital from January 1, 1990, to December 31, 1993, were eligible.(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS Optimal decisions about the use of antibiotics and other antiinfective agents in critically ill patients require access to a large amount of complex information. We have developed a computerized decision-support program linked to computer-based patient records that can assist physicians in the use of antiinfective agents and improve(More)
This index comprises MMWR Recommendations and Reports, CDC Surveillance Summaries, and weekly issues of MMWR. MMWR publications other than the weekly issues that are considered part of Volume 39 are listed on pages 951 and 952. In this index, numbers in parentheses indicate addenda, errata, or clarifications. Numbers in italics indicate MMWR Recommendations(More)
PURPOSE There is no consensus on what constitutes an adequate surgical margin in patients receiving breast-conserving surgery (BCS) and postoperative radiation therapy (RT) for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). Inadequate margins may result in high local recurrence, and excessively large resections may lead to poor cosmetic outcome without oncologic benefit.(More)
A number of algorithms exist for searching sequence databases for biologically significant similarities based on the primary sequence similarity of aligned sequences. We have determined the biological sensitivity and selectivity of d2, a high-performance comparison algorithm that rapidly determines the relative dissimilarity of large datasets of genetic(More)
The Swift-Hohenberg equation with quadratic and cubic nonlinearities exhibits a remarkable wealth of stable spatially localized states. The presence of these states is related to a phenomenon called homoclinic snaking. Numerical computations are used to illustrate the changes in the localized solution as it grows in spatial extent and to determine the(More)
Formation of spatially localized oscillations in parametrically driven systems is studied, focusing on the dominant 2:1 resonance tongue. Both damped and self-exciting oscillatory media are considered. Near the primary subharmonic instability such systems are described by the forced complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. The technique of spatial dynamics is used(More)
BACKGROUND Randomized, controlled trials have shown that prophylactic antibiotics are effective in preventing surgical-wound infections. However, it is uncertain how the timing of antibiotic administration affects the risk of surgical-wound infection in actual clinical practice. METHODS We prospectively monitored the timing of antibiotic prophylaxis and(More)