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The effect of a pantothenic acid deficiency in Lactobacillus plantarum on the initial rate of amino acid transport was investigated. Although the steady-state accumulation capacity for all amino acids was markedly reduced in pantothenate-deficient cells, initial rates of uptake either were not changed (asparagine, alanine, lysine) or were increased(More)
Separating handwritten and typewritten text within unconstrained paper documents can provide more accurate and efficient OCR results. This paper presents a technique developed that can isolate both the typewritten and handwritten portions of a document image. The classification between handwritten and typewritten text occurs at both the character and the(More)
A smoking-specific locus of control scale was developed by modifying a drinking-related locus of control scale. The new scale, Rotter's I-E scale, and a smoking questionnaire were administered to 70 subjects. Estimates of reliability indicated that the new scale had reasonably high internal consistency. Scores differed as a function of subjects' reports of(More)
In unconstrained document images, social security numbers can occur in very unpredictable states. This paper presents techniques in segmenting and recognizing the social security number image. We explore the use of relative locations to separate the image into groups of digits. We implement an existing segmen-tation technique that utilizes both the(More)
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