John Buford

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In pervasive computing, devices or peers may implement or compose services using services from other devices or peers, and may use components from various sources. A composition trust binding is a prescriptive set of rules which defines the combination of allowable components for a particular service or application. Composition trust bindings can be used to(More)
Peer-to-peer overlays can be used for service discovery over a global network fabric. We describe and evaluate a new service indexing mechanism for in-band streaming services such as application relays, mixers, and media transcoders. For this type of service, the location of the service in the network and service admission status are key attributes. We(More)
Email is emerging as an important channel for ISP customer care, and manual processing is labor intensive. A new system for automating the processing of large volumes of email received by an ISP customer care center is described. The system automatically determines the embedded email structure, extracts key email fields needed for aggregation and ticketing,(More)
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