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The equation studied is u 00 + n1 r u 0 + "u u 0 = 0; with boundary conditions u (1) = 0; u (1) = 1. This model equation has been studied by many authors since it was introduced in the 1950s by P. A. Lagerstrom. We use an elementary approach to show that there is an innnite series solution which is uniformly convergent on 1 r < 1: The rst few terms are(More)
Intracellular transport in eukarya is attributed to motor proteins that transduce chemical energy into directed mechanical motion. Nanoscale motors like kinesins tow organelles and other cargo on microtubules or filaments, have a role separating the mitotic spindle during the cell cycle, and perform many other functions. The simplest description gives rise(More)
This paper describes a primary extraskeletal osteogenic sarcoma arising in the spleen of an 11-year-old, male, cross-bred Terrier. Initial diagnosis was made after surgical removal of a splenic mass, at which time the liver and other abdominal viscera appeared grossly normal. However, elevations in the activities of alanine aminotransferase and alkaline(More)