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A completely integrable partial differential equation is one which has a Lax representation, or, more precisely, can be solved via a linear integral equation of Gel'fand-Levitan type, the classic example being the Korteweg-de Vries equation. An ordinary differential equation is of Painlev type if the only singularities of its solutions in the complex plane(More)
The equation studied is u 00 + n1 r u 0 + "u u 0 = 0; with boundary conditions u (1) = 0; u (1) = 1. This model equation has been studied by many authors since it was introduced in the 1950s by P. A. Lagerstrom. We use an elementary approach to show that there is an innnite series solution which is uniformly convergent on 1 r < 1: The rst few terms are(More)
The relationship of consumption of coffee or tea to self-reported symptoms of anxiety is examined with data from the detailed examination component of the National Center for Health Statistics Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Among this nationwide sample of 3,854 respondents, there was no significant association between consumption of coffee or tea(More)
Intracellular transport in eukarya is attributed to motor proteins that transduce chemical energy into directed mechanical motion. Nanoscale motors like kinesins tow organelles and other cargo on microtubules or filaments, have a role separating the mitotic spindle during the cell cycle, and perform many other functions. The simplest description gives rise(More)
In his book "Th6orie des Perturbations et M6thodes Asymptotiques" V.P.MAsLOV has given an ingenious approximation method which overcomes certain well known difficulties in the classical WKB approach. One of these difficulties is connected with the singularities of the amplitudes of the wave function which appear at turning points of a classical motion.(More)