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This paper presents the findings of a simulator study that examined the effects of distraction upon driving performance for drivers in three age groups. There were two in-vehicle distracter tasks: operating the vehicle entertainment system and conducting a simulated hands-free mobile phone conversation. The effect of visual clutter was examined by requiring(More)
Description: The hardware and instrumentation needed to measure variables from different physiological systems. Electrodes, sensors and transducers. Bioelectric amplifiers. Hardware for measurement of the ECG, EEG, EMG, respiratory system, nervous system. Clinical laboratory instruments. Electrical safety. Computers in biomedical instrumentation. Students(More)
Looking at the evolution of marketing as recorded in the pages of the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, one sees a continual increase in the complexity of the marketing issues for the hospitality industry. Each decade's articles have been marked by an emphasis on a particular aspect of marketing, generally representing the leading edge of marketing research(More)
Foreign language learning lends itself naturally to the use of media. Linguists stress the primacy of speech over writing in language: children can listen and speak before they learn to read and write and all languages of the world are spoken, but not all have a writing system. Accordingly, foreign-language educators have been heavily involved in the use of(More)
We study perfect state transfer of quantum walks on signed graphs. Our aim is to show that negative edges are useful for perfect state transfer. First, we show that the signed join of a negative 2-clique with any positive (n, 3)-regular graph has perfect state transfer even if the unsigned join does not. Curiously, the perfect state transfer time improves(More)
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