John Braithwaite

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Self-regulation by the health professions, while improving, is no longer enough; external drivers for safer health care include governments, funders and consumers. Enforced self-regulation is often more promising than a "command and control" strategy. Research evidence on the responsive regulatory pyramid and its options offers lessons for health care(More)
— Developing states with limited regulatory capacity might benefit from a responsive approach to regulation. Responsive regulation is a democratic ideal, incorporating notions of deliberative democracy and restorative justice. Responsive regulation conducted by regulatory networks of governmental and non-governmental actors allows for networking around(More)
Shifting criminal justice practices away from sligmalization and toward rcintegration is no small challenge. The innovation of community conferences in New Zealand and Australia has two structural features that are conducive to reinlegralive shaming: (a) selection of the people who respect and care most about the offender as conference participants(More)
This article analyzes the rise and diffusion of the new order of regulatory capitalism. It offers an analytical and historical analysis of relations between capitalism and regulation and suggests that change in the governance of capitalist economy is best captured by reference to (1) a new division of labor between state and society (e.g., privatization),(More)
This cross-sectional study examines relationships of work practices to how employees manage their shame and pride at work, and how such management strategies are connected to workplace bullying and victimization. Survey data were from 824 employees of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Employees involved in bullying had lower scores on shame acknowledgment (feeling(More)
This article takes its title from Annalise Acorn’s critique of restorative justice entitled Compulsory Compassion , in which she deconstructs rhetorics and narratives of restorative justice. After considering the meanings of restorative justice, the first part of this article argues that if something like compassion is a restorative justice value, then(More)