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Mutations in the human telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) promoter are the most frequent non-coding mutations in cancer, but their molecular mechanism in tumorigenesis has not been established. We used genome editing of human pluripotent stem cells with physiological telomerase expression to elucidate the mechanism by which these mutations contribute(More)
  • Bernadine P Healy, Timothy B Atkeson, Johnson Washington, David Blumenthal, Hon Edmund, G Brown +54 others
  • 1987
Foreword Throughout its turbulent recent history, the benefits have been scrutinized and discussed by experts in a wide and risks of biotechnology range of fields. Today, biotechnology is perhaps best viewed as a growing cohort of technologies, each with its own scientific benefits and risks, and allied social, economic, legal, and ethical opportunities and(More)
SUMMARY SeqExpress is a stand-alone desktop application for the identification of relevant genes within collections of microarray or SAGE experiments. A number of analysis, filtering and visualization tools are provided to aid in the selection of groups of genes. If R is installed then the application can use this to provide further analysis. AVAILABILITY(More)
Forty-one adults (mean age 33) with a definitive diagnosis of X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA) completed a questionnaire concerning current and past medical problems and quality of life. Thirty-six of the 41 were working full time or were full time students; 18 had not missed any work or school due to infection in the previous year. Their quality of life(More)
UNLABELLED SeqExpress, a gene-expression analysis suite, has been extended to offer a number of cluster generation, refinement and visualization techniques. The cluster generation methods have been specialized to deal with aspects of the sparseness and extreme values that occur within microarray data. The results of such cluster analysis can then be refined(More)