John Boyle

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Reversible phosphorylation is the most common posttranslational modification used in the regulation of cellular processes. This study of phosphatases and kinases required for peroxisome biogenesis is the first genome-wide analysis of phosphorylation events controlling organelle biogenesis. We evaluate signaling molecule deletion strains of the yeast(More)
BACKGROUND Within research each experiment is different, the focus changes and the data is generated from a continually evolving barrage of technologies. There is a continual introduction of new techniques whose usage ranges from in-house protocols through to high-throughput instrumentation. To support these requirements data management systems are needed(More)
BACKGROUND In systems biology, and many other areas of research, there is a need for the interoperability of tools and data sources that were not originally designed to be integrated. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of systems biology, and its association with high throughput experimental platforms, there is an additional need to continually integrate(More)
  • Ramsey A. Saleem, Rose Long-O'Donnell, David J. Dilworth, Abraham M. Armstrong, Arvind P. Jamakhandi, Yakun Wan +6 others
  • 2010
Peroxisomes are intracellular organelles that house a number of diverse metabolic processes, notably those required for beta-oxidation of fatty acids. Peroxisomes biogenesis can be induced by the presence of peroxisome proliferators, including fatty acids, which activate complex cellular programs that underlie the induction process. Here, we used(More)
BACKGROUND The advances in high-throughput sequencing technologies and growth in data sizes has highlighted the need for scalable tools to perform quality assurance testing. These tests are necessary to ensure that data is of a minimum necessary standard for use in downstream analysis. In this paper we present the SAMQA tool to rapidly and robustly identify(More)
SUMMARY SeqExpress is a stand-alone desktop application for the identification of relevant genes within collections of microarray or SAGE experiments. A number of analysis, filtering and visualization tools are provided to aid in the selection of groups of genes. If R is installed then the application can use this to provide further analysis. AVAILABILITY(More)