John Boyd

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  • Santiago Bazdresch, Frederico Belo, Xiaoji Lin, Gordon Alexander, Jonathan Berk, John Boyd +30 others
  • 2009
We show that firms with lower labor hiring and investment rates have on average higher future stock returns in the cross-section of US publicly traded firms. The predictability holds even after controlling for other known stock return predictors, varies across firms' technologies and exhibits a clear trend over time. We propose a production-based asset(More)
Through iterative design and testing, we developed a procedure for conducting online experiments. Using this research method, we conducted two recent studies on Web credibility. The data from the first study suggest that Web banner ads reduce the perceived credibility of a Web page's content. The data from the second study show that attribution elements--in(More)
Over the past five years, online advertising has shifted dramatically toward much greater levels of intrusiveness in an effort to increase advertising effectiveness. Advances in user experience through good design or improvements in usability in many products have been tarnished by forms of online advertising that have become increasingly annoying to users.(More)
The use of equity-based compensation for employees in the lower ranks of large organizations is a puzzle for standard economic theory: undiversified employees should discount company equity heavily, and any positive incentive effects should be diminished by free rider problems. We analyze whether the popularity of option compensation for rank-and-file(More)
AIMS Physical inactivity is considered to be as detrimental to public health as hypertension or tobacco use, but there is limited evidence on the impact of community-wide interventions in this area. This paper describes the impact of an initiative to increase physical activity at a population level in New Zealand. METHODS A media-led, community-wide(More)
INTRODUCTION Inflammatory response during sepsis is incompletely understood due to small sample sizes and variable timing of measurements following the onset of symptoms. The vasopressin in septic shock trial (VASST) compared the addition of vasopressin to norepinephrine alone in patients with septic shock. During this study plasma was collected and 39(More)
Many empirical studies of banking crises have employed " banking crisis " (BC) indicators that supposedly date the beginnings and ends of crises. We argue that these BC indicators are constructed using primarily information on government actions undertaken in response to bank distress. We formulate a simple theoretical model of a banking industry which(More)
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