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Miller's algorithm is at the heart of all pairing-based cryp-tosystems since it is used in the computation of pairing such as that of Weil or Tate and their variants. Most of the optimizations of this algorithm involve elliptic curves of particular forms, or curves with even embedding degree, or having an equation of a special form. Other improvements(More)
BACKGROUND The vascular disrupting agent combretastatin A4 phosphate (CA4P) causes major regression of animal tumours when given as combination therapy. METHODS Patients with advanced cancer refractory to standard therapy were treated with CA4P as a 10-min infusion, 20 h before carboplatin, paclitaxel, or paclitaxel, followed by carboplatin. RESULTS(More)
We present a heuristic asymptotic formula as x → ∞ for the number of isogeny classes of pairing-friendly elliptic curves over prime fields with fixed embedding degree k ≥ 3, with fixed discriminant, with rho-value bounded by a fixed ρ 0 such that 1 < ρ 0 < 2, and with prime subgroup order at most x.
AIMS To characterize bacterial communities during the early stages of biofilm formation and their role in water discolouration in a fully representative, chlorinated, experimental drinking water distribution systems (DWDS). METHODS AND RESULTS Biofilm development was monitored in an experimental DWDS over 28 days; subsequently the system was disturbed by(More)
Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) is being used increasingly in clinical trials to demonstrate that vascular disruptive and antiangiogenic agents target tumour microcirculation. Significant reductions in DCE-MRI kinetic parameters are seen within 4-24 and 48 h of treatment with vascular disruptive and antiangiogenic agents, respectively. It is(More)
UNLABELLED The majority of biomass within water distribution systems is in the form of attached biofilm. This is known to be central to drinking water quality degradation following treatment, yet little understanding of the dynamics of these highly heterogeneous communities exists. This paper presents original information on such dynamics, with findings(More)
Temozolomide is an oral alkylating agent that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier and has activity in patients with advanced melanoma. Carboplatin is a convenient outpatient treatment that also has activity in patients with melanoma. The purpose of this study was to assess the safety of a combination of temozolomide and carboplatin, and provide(More)
ar tors,k ⊆ T [U d,g ]. Nous montrons le résultat analogue pour les variétés abéliennesà multiplication complexe puis, sous une hypothèse supplémentaire, pour les courbes elliptiques sans multiplication complexe. Enfin, nous montrons que, ` a l'exception d'un ensemble fini explicite de variétés semi-abéliennes G sur un corps fini, G ar tors,k est infini et(More)